New Social Living Development

To create affordable residential units and build communities in an eco-friendly environment.


The New Social Living Development Ltd (NSLD), a subsidiary of the National Housing Development Co. Ltd (NHDC), is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated as a private company, with the mandate to build 12,000 residential units.

Our Value Proposition

The NSLD Brand aims to deliver value to the following stakeholders:

Government of Mauritius: To implement the Government’s Vision of social housing by building 12,000 residential units.

Professional Partners and Civil Society: To engage with professional partners in the local and international construction industry, and key players in the civil society in co-creating the new social living landscape.

Home Owners: To provide client-centric, affordable and accessible housing solutions, and inclusive community living in an eco-friendly environment.

Management Team

Group CEO (GCEO) : Mr. Jairaj Sonoo, C.S.K

Board of Directors

  • Abdool Rahman Mohammad Ehsan Ahmad, O.S.K (Chairman)
  • Ayoob Saab Mohummad Shamad
  • Dowlutrao Jossy Shivjee
  • Maurel Louis André Daniel Raoul
  • Neerunjun Premode
  • Paligadu Dharamraj
  • Rampadarath Phoolranee
  • Seetaram Mooneeswur Seegobind Maha Rana
  • Sonoo Jairaj, C.S.K
  • Soopramanien Louis François Noël Dominique

Our Vision

To enhance access to social housing and build inclusive communities.

Our Mission

To build 12,000 affordable residential units and provide community living solutions in an
eco-friendly environment.

Project Management Consultancy in
Construction (PMCC)

The New Social Living Development Ltd (NSLD Ltd) has appointed Project Management Consultants in Construction (PMCC). The consultancy contracts comprise the following stages:

  • Feasibility
  • Design and tendering
  • Construction (including maintenance and defects liability period)

New Social Living Development Ltd

Ground Floor,
Wall Street,

Tel: (230) 468-7020